Blurring The Line Between Frugal and Fabulous!

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When you start talking personal finance, saving money and living a frugal lifestyle there are usually a ton of groans that follow.

Everyone wants to live the fabulous life of their dreams… But our pockets are always that unpleasant reality check we don’t want to cash.

Everyone wants to save money.. but our desire for a fabulous lifestyle and the reality of our pockets + bills often leads us to believe that saving is IMPOSSIBLE.

Then you hear the words “Live a Frugal life” and you cringe, don’t you? There is nothing fabulous about being frugal or so you think. But its been my experience since welcoming frugal into my vocab, this misconception is so far from the truth. Frugal is one of those words often misused as a synonym for cheapskate, but it isn’t just some secret code word for self deprivation. It simply means you aren’t wasteful with your resources and boy-oh-boy, you hate being ripped off!


How does one blur the line between frugal and fabulous? Well that’s what The Budget Socialite is all about! Creating that hybrid of frugal and fabulous! Adopting a new lifestyle that I like to call… Frugalous!

The secret? Being “Frugalous” allows you to enjoying all the fabulous things life has to offer while still maintaining a nice cushion for yourself. I mean what else would you expect from a blog called The Budget Socialite.

Can you still go shopping? Yes! Brunch with friends? Absolutely! Happy Hour? *raises glass* Yes!

Drinks with friends | www.thebudgetsocialite.com

Notice we haven’t deprived ourselves of anything we love yet! Yippee! *throws pink confetti*

There is only one major concept you have to adopt to live the Frugalous Life though.. what??? You thought there weren’t going to be any requirements?? C’mon! But it’s pretty simple!

 Money is a valuable tool and resource that allows me to explore my options and opportunities. Tweet This

Take that mantra and really let it marinate in your mind. Read it again, come back tomorrow, print it out and hang it on your fridge, your bathroom mirror and in your work cubicle. The moment it clicks for you, that’s the moment you will be on the road to being Frugalous!

When you enter the world of the frugalous you will realize instant gratification is short-lived and often ends with the trend, fad or season. Remember those trucker caps you bought? Boot cut jeans, cool lots? Where are they now! Stuffed in the back of your closet right??

Less is more, really…

The more stuff we buy the less resources and space we have. It clutters our closets, apartments, minds.. Yet empties our bank accounts. George Carlin once said… A house is just a pile of stuff with a cover on it. Seriously. Think about it.

As a monthly contributor to The Budget Socialite I’m going to help you create and understand your financial goals. We’re going to write them down and make them real!  We’ll also create a timeline of when you’d like to accomplish said goals. Giving yourself a deadline will help you commit to your financial goals and the more you value your goals the less self deprived you’ll feel for random STUFF! You’ll understand that budgeting for the things you want and can afford means you can still be as fabulous as you want to be without ever compromises your goals.

Are you ready to became frugal and fabulous? Frugalous! Have any tips to share? Let us know in the comments. See you next month!

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Contributor | Carrie Pink
A reformed shopaholic, money MIS-manager & Chief Mom. Her taste is still champagne & croissants with balanced saving, spending & investing. Follow her recipe to true financial happiness!

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  1. gina

    LOVE the idea of being “frugalous”!! Thanks for always posting such fun and inspiring reading!
    gina recently posted..Ten Fantastic Reads for CouplesMy Profile

  2. Shannon

    Love the idea of frugalous! I’ve defintley learned from my own travels that less is more! Thanks for the post!
    Shannon recently posted..An Ode To AdventureMy Profile

  3. april

    “George Carson once said… A house is just a pile of stuff with a cover on it. Seriously. Think about it.”

    wow. something to take to heart as i prepare to consolidate 3 houses into 1 by the end of may. this was a very inspiring and fun post – thank you, carrie. (and i loved your tweetable!)
    april recently posted..jessica knows her stuff.My Profile

    • Trinidad Pena

      That Carrie is smart cookie!

    • Trinidad Pena

      Glad you liked it! There’s always hope.

  4. Tabi(tha)

    Love the thought of being frugalous! I realized a long time ago that if I was choosy about what I spent my money on I could live the life of my dreams on a very small budget. Books are important to me. Nights out and drinking aren’t. Less clothes and shoes means I can travel more. By being conscious on what I’m spending my money on I can live more with less – and I feel happier too 🙂
    Tabi(tha) recently posted..Step out of your comfort zone and succeedMy Profile

  5. Laura

    Money is a valuable tool and resource…amen. I think I always knew that but have never thought of it that way. I am totally in a place where I can really apply this as well. Lovin it!

  6. Maliyka A. Muhammad

    I have a closet full of clothes and racks full of shoes. I am a shopaholic. Far from recoverd. I do believe in a sale though. Quite a few of my pieces are on sale. I also subscribe to the, if it here the next time I come back I will get it mentality. I recently purchased a dress using that mentality. believe it or not I was in that store 4 times going so far as to pick up the dress in my size and put it back. I finally purchased it the 5th time. There have been times when I went back and it wasn’t there. I was okay with that. As many clothes as I have, I make sure to give away things too. If I haven’t worn it for awhile and it is just taking up space…I give it away. I am working on saving better. That is my next goal.
    Maliyka A. Muhammad recently posted..MenuSkip to contentHomePost navigation← Do you need Plan B…Giving is good for your health: The “Help Robinson” CauseMy Profile

    • Scarlett Rocourt

      Sounds like you should read The Budget Socialite Commandment #2, Thou shall honor quality over quantity. We love to shop and when we buy only the things we love, we get to enjoy them even more.

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