Thou shall honor quality over quantity

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It’s not easy being a budget socialite. There are so many things to do, places to be, and shoes to buy that things can get a tad bit overwhelming. But have no fear! To make life a little easier, we’ve come up with the Budget Socialite Commandments.  Use these guidelines to aid you on your fun, fabulous, and well-heeled journey. We wouldn’t steer you wrong.

TBS Commandment #2:
Thou shall honor quality over quantity.

Oh, the things people say. Less is more? Kinda makes you want to roll your eyes… until you are flipping channels and happen upon an episode of hoarders. When that happens, you realize those people may have a point. Don’t be a hoarder… Let’s talk quality over quantity, shall we?

If you are following TBS Commandment #1, then you should only be buying things you truly love. And since we can’t love everything, it stands to reason that you should be buying fewer things. Unless you love everything, which either means you have a problem or are my ex-boyfriend.

With commandment #2, we are going to take it a step further to only purchase quality items–items we are going to use all the time, that make us want to cry because they are so inspiring and beautiful, and of course make us a bit giddy. If you can hit all 3, well… wrap it in a bow and send it to me or buy it for yourself (selfish).

If your philosophy has been “More is More”, how do you amend your overzealous ways?
In one word: PURGE.

Step 1: Assess & Categorize

  • Things that are broken (and are beyond repair and hope)

  • Things that are broken (and can be fixed)

  • Things you don’t use/or don’t fit

  • Things you have too many of /things you don’t love (you don’t need 10 little black dresses)

Step 2: Fix it or forget it!

Tough love time. These broken items have to be fixed or kicked to the curb. If it’s still lying around 2 months later, throw it away. I know you meant to get it fixed, but you don’t love it enough to make it a priority. It’s okay, chuck it. I still love you. Think of it this way, we are making room for shoes things we love and use.

Step 3: Give it away now.

Lastly, donate, sell or swap the things you don’t use, don’t love, or can longer shimy yourself into. Craigslist is awesome for swapping and bartering. You can also sell items on eBay, to a consignment shop or donate them to charity like the Salvation Army. It doesn’t matter what you do, just get it out of your house. Don’t make me crack the whip on ya.

Quality doesn’t mean pricey.

Quality over quantity doesn’t mean that you are only going to buy uber-expensive items; we are budget socialites after all. But it does mean that we should start opting for better (whatever that means to you) rather than just opting for more. One pair of high quality shoes is going to beat out 2 pairs of sub-par shoes that hurt your feet and give you blisters. You should aim for a classic, quality pair that goes with everything. A pair that you love so much you’d think about getting them re-soled before you try to find a replacement. Outlets and discount stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Home Goods are a great resource for quality items that are classic and discounted.

Quality over quantity has great side effects too. Your place has less clutter, so there is less to clean. Win! Buying less also means that you spend less. So, when you want to splurge, then you have some extra moola to go for it. Awesome! Lastly,  you’ll actually be able to find things when you are looking for them. Sweet. If none of these has you convinced, then click here and come back to us. We’ll wait.

So, what do you think of our second commandment: Quality over quantity? Are you ready to get your purge on (hello spring cleaning)? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Carrie Pink

    Love this commandment! Implementing this is so critical to being frugalous too.. I have soooo many outfits that I purchased for special events and only wore ONCE.. paid too much for them.. or they are low quality so I don’t want to wear them again… no more. I’m living by commandments #1 and #2 !!

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