How To Be Frugalous!

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Last time we chatted, I introduced “Frugalous”– a hybrid lifestyle between frugal and fabulous (If you missed that post you can check it out here).

The secret revealed to being “Frugalous” was to balance all the fabulous things life has to offer while still maintaining a nice cushion for ourselves. Sounds good so far right?

So, how do we get it?

How do we maintain a happy dose of fabulosity without depriving yourself of everything you love? Well I’m glad you asked.

Let’s first start by repeating our new money mantra.

“Money is a valuable tool and resource that allows me to explore my options and opportunities”

That’s the foundation to us fully adopting frugalous. Which is more than just a new lifestyle. It’s about embracing a whole new type of relationship with money, one that is healthy and leaves us in control. Not the other way around.

Lets break it down even further.

What does this mantra really mean?

I’m sure we have heard on every major talk show, a psychology expert saying our thoughts are more powerful than we think. Although I am no doctor, I believe this is an absolute fact in our dealings with our money.

If we believe money is the root of all evil, it will be. If we are convinced it burns a hole in our pocket… Then burn baby burn it will do, right through our skinny jeans!

If we want to improve our financial relations, we first have to improve our relationship with our finances. Did you get that? Let me repeat it..

If we want to improve our financial relations, we first have to improve our relationship with our finances.  – Tweet this

Money is not the root to all our problems, it’s the solution. We can solve more problems using our money effectively than ineffectively.

Money is valuable, which makes it something important to have in our everyday lives.

Money is a tool, which means we have to learn how to use it, just like any other tool in a toolbox. Yes that means acquiring the right skills, right here, right now! (you wouldn’t just jump onto a construction site and try to use a jack hammer would you?)

And lastly, money is a resource — which means there is a limited quantity in our possession. Therefore, like any other limited resource we should strive to conserve some and account for every other dollar exhausted.

Mmmkay valuable, tool, limited resource. The solution.

You with me so far? Great!!

Let’s keep going.

That allows us to explore Options and Opportunities. Carrie, now what does that mean exactly?

Well to put it in terms we can all understand: Those super HAUTE Jimmy Choos are an option.. The 70% sample sale that only happens once a year but, is already on its third rotation is an option. Starbucks lattes twice a day are an option.

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Your bestie needing a last minute travel buddy for a 10 day trip to Paris, Nice, and Monte Carlo because her beau has strep throat? That’s an opportunity!!!

Moral of the story?

Stocking up on too many options leaves you unable to take full advantage of unforeseen opportunities.

Sip on that until next month, when I bring you tried and true strategies to keep you financially prepared for both!

Let’s talk! Do you leave room financially for options as well as opportunities? Or do you need the cheat sheet? Let us know in the comments below!

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A reformed shopaholic, money MIS-manager & Chief Mom. Her taste is still champagne & croissants with balanced saving, spending & investing. Follow her recipe to true financial happiness!

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  1. Rasheeda

    Opportunities over meaningless options any day.
    Great article!

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