Faux Terrarium

TheBudgetSocialite.comI love terrariums. I love the look of them and the idea of having a little island in a bottle seems so cool. Terrariums evoke a very earthy and organic feel when you look at them and that’s why I wanted one of my own.

TheBudgetSocialite.comI always have these lofty ideas of what I’m going to do until I begin to actually do it. Once the research started, the pricing realized and the time needed, laziness began to ensue and I decided I’m going to fake my terrarium for only pennies and minimal effort.

What you’ll need:
Glass bowl
Spanish Moss
River Rocks
Faux Succulents (mine is a candle!)

How you do it:
In the glass bowl, lay the rocks first, place the fake succulents around, add the Spanish moss on top.

TheBudgetSocialite.comEasy peezy! What do you think? Will you make your own?

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