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smoothie lifestyle

Happy New Year! Every year we come up with our resolutions and promise to keep those resolutions. Well, this year, we plan to take our healthy living to the next level…smoothies!
We went with smoothies vs juicing because:

  1. Fiber. When you use a juicer, it removes all of the fiber out of the fruits and vegetables. Fiber is necessary for digestion and it keeps your intestines moving (literally).
  2. Variety. Another reason for making smoothies is it offers a ton of variety. Good fat is key for the absorption of vitamins and minerals, and we can make yummy avocado smoothies and sherberts using nuts to make sure we get enough.

This isn’t a cleanse.

There is misinformation out there about going on a ‘juicing cleanse’ and that it removes toxins…your body does a great job of this on its own. As long as you’re getting your daily servings of fruits and vegetables, your liver, kidney and intestines will work the way they should. To learn more about why juice cleanses don’t work, read here.

This isn’t a diet. It’s a lifestyle.

We strive to incorporate as much local fruits and vegetables as possible. We are very lucky that we live near working farms here in NJ, but if you don’t have farmer’s markets near you, you can purchase frozen fruits & vegetables. The benefit is that they are Grade A and picked at their peak. It’s best to get them fresh, but this is a good alternative.

Try this at home, but check with your doc first.

We are delivering all of our vitamins, mineral and good fats into our bodies through smoothies: which helps with fast absorption of the raw foods. It’s best to start these types of programs under the supervision of a doctor, so please check in with your doctor before starting this or any diet. In our case, Scarlett’s eldest sister is a board-certified doctor who specializes in Internal Medicine. She also has a holistic approach to medicine and well-being. We will be under her supervision, she’s a pescatarian (eats fish, no meat) and riding this smoothie train with us.

Ready, set, GO!

We hope you are as excited about this as we are. It will be a challenge to drink all our calories for 10 days, but we can do it! Join us on this journey by starting your own smoothie lifestyle or just checking in on how things are going. If we do this together, we hold each other accountable.
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