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street artists TheBudgetSocialite.comEvery Budget Socialite knows how important it is to look like a million bucks while only spending a few dollars and part of looking like you’ve spent a ton of money is by picking up those one of a kind pieces that you won’t see other places. There is no better place than getting these amazing deals than with your local street artists, craft shops and flea markets. I love shopping from local street artists because you’re getting handcrafted pieces that you won’t find in most places and when you purchase more than one, you can usually negotiate a great deal. Here are a few tips and tricks.

1. Speak to the street artist and learn as much as you can about their craft and how they make their pieces. Knowing how much time and love goes into making your one-of-a-kind will bring you two closer, and you’ll have a great story to tell when you receive a compliment.

2. If you pay with cash, you can try to negotiate a cheaper price. We love our plastic and with apps such as Square Up, more people are able to accept credit cards. But they usually prefer cash and would be willing to go a few dollars down for that pleasure.

3. Browse. It’s a good idea to walk around a little bit before making your first purchase. These street festivals can seem a bit overwhelming with lots of different tables to stop in. You don’t want to spend all of your money at the first place you see only to not have enough for something you’ve fallen in love with later.

4. Only purchase what you feel like you can’t live without. For me, if I keep thinking about a certain piece, then I know that I have to have it. Especially if I think I may regret not buying it later on.

5. Have fun!


Co-founder | Scarlett Rocourt
Scarlett creator of Wonder Curl is a Marketing Maven, DIY Diva & Glamour Girl! Her affinity for style, organization & discount designer shopping makes her a true Budget Socialite. Her flare for creativity allowed her to translate that into a career in marketing.

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