Look Book: Polka Dots & Faux Fur

Polka Dots & Faux Fur

This socialite hates the cold. The only silver-lining that I can come up with is cold weather layering! Here’s a few of my favorite pieces for winter: polka dots & faux fur! Pair that those with skinny jeans either a motorcycle boot or a ballet flat and some classic red lips. You’re good to go for any casual outing. None of the items are over 100 smackeroos, lest you forget we are budget socialites.

Disclaimer: The Tory Burch Flat is actually $106.26 but 106 doesn’t have the same ring to it. My Bad.

[1] Eddie Flat [2] Ruby Woo [3] Mink Think [4] Simply Vera [5] ReRock


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