Holiday Budget Tips

Holiday Budget


Now that the holidays are quickly approaching you might be thinking that you have to buy so many gifts with so little time and money. Here are our holiday budget tips to making shopping easier.

  1. Create a holiday budget. You can do this by visiting www.mychristmasbudget.com. This budget lets you see how much cash you will have available to spend on Christmas gifts.
  2. After creating your budget, make a list of the names of individuals you will be purchasing gifts for and right down the gifts that you want to purchase for the individuals.
  3. Check for the best deals for items that you want to purchase.
  4. Stay within your budget that you’ve created buy not over spending.
  5. Shop at stores that price match.
  6. Use coupons. An excellent site with a wide variety of coupons is www.retailmenot.com. This site has both printable and online use coupons.
  7. If you have to use credit cards for your holiday purchases, use the card with the lowest interest rate and try to pay off the holiday purchases asap.

What are your tips for staying on budget during the holiday season? Let us know in the comments.


Contributor | Charlene Bey
Charlene Bey is an Accountant and is the owner of Easy Flow Bookkeeping, LLC. Charlene eats, sleep and lives accounting and loves giving her opinion when it comes to being financial savvy.

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