The budget socialite was conceived one sunny day by Mable Pena, Scarlett Rocourt and Trinidad Pena, as they chatted away on the beach on a Wednesday while drinking sangria and eating gourmet sandwich wraps. They came to the conclusion, that even though they didn’t have boatload of cash, somehow they did truly live the good life. Their aim with the budget socialite is help others do the same. Your life can be fabulous and fun, without breaking the bank!

Meet the Socialites!

Scarlett Rocourt is our Marketing Maven, DIY Diva and all around Glamour Girl! Having a natural affinity for style, organization and shopping makes her a true Budget Socialite. Her background in Marketing and working in the Fashion and IT industries puts her in the perfect position to understand the demanding needs of a Budget Socialite today; juggling everyday responsibilities, a successful career while looking good effortlessly and inexpensively.

She has always had a flare for creativity and being able to translate that into a marketing career where she is organizing fabulous events at five-star resorts have become the highlight of her success. In her everyday life she is resourceful, detailed and always redecorating and organizing! Taking what she’s learned throughout her years and using them interchangeably also helped her launch her own haircare line for curly-haired individuals called Wonder Curl. For more about her haircare line visit WonderCurl.com or follow her on twitter.

Trinidad Pena’s early passion for all things pretty made her a stand out color-er in preschool and an arts and crafts force to be reckoned with. As she matured, she realized that art was a way to visually communicate. It’s not just about how things look but how they make you feel. She went to the Art Institute of Philadelphia with her with her sights set on fine art, but quickly learned that being a starving artist was not for her. Possibly, this was around the time she realized that she also had an affinity for designer shoes. She turned to graphic design and truly found her passion.

As a  graphic/web designer, blogger, and aspiring photographer Trinidad spends a lot of time in front of a computer. When she’s off-line, she enjoys traveling, cooking and telling people that wine belongs in the fruit food group because it’s made from grapes. Trinidad hearts social media connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and