Custom Chalkboard Paint

diy-chalkboard-paintAlong with the myriad of cute stuff that I’ve come to love, all things chalkboard jumps on top of that list. From chalkboard contact paper to pre-cut labels, I can’t get enough of this stuff and now, I’ve discovered how to make custom color chalkboard paint. That means, almost every wall in my home will be made with chalkboard paint.

The original DIY by the one and only, Martha Stewart can be found here. I found a neat trick to creating an endless amount of custom colors using paint samples! I love that the paint samples come in 8ozs so all you have to do is add your tile grout, no need to ruin a perfectly good plastic jar. Plus, the cost is between $3-$4 per sample.

diy-chalkboard-paint1You’ll need:
8oz Latex Paint
1 Tbsp Unsanded Tile Grout
Sponge brush
Stick for Stirring

I couldn’t decide between these two shades of pink, so I got them both and I picked this lovely teal as a surprise gift for Trinidad, since this represents her brand color.

I bought these adorable untreated wood cutouts from Joann Fabric & Craft Stores.

diy-chalkboard-paint2First, you want to mix well, 1 tbsp unsanded tile grout into your paint sample.
Next, dip the foam brush into your chalkboard paint and paint until your heart’s content.

diy-chalkboard-paint-3After they’ve dried completely, you want to use the side of your chalk to ‘condition’ the chalkboard. Conditioning will keep writing from ‘burning’ into your chalkboard and will give it a nice vintage look.

Here are some fun examples of how you can incorporate custom chalkboard paint into your home:

What will you do once you start making your own chalkboard paint?


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