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Thanksgiving: 5 Cocktails To Wow ‘Em!

Happy Harvest, Socialites!

Here we are, in mid-November, planning big dinners, detailed tabletops, and please-no-one-kill-each-other seating arrangements. You’re thinking of it all to make sure everyone has a good time and avoids jail time eats well! But while you’re choosing side dishes and weighing giant fowl, don’t leave out one of the most important ingredients in dealing with family: what is everyone drinking?

Sure, wine with dinner is traditional, classic, and easy. But why not kick it up a bit with all of one of these 5 fall flavored cocktails? Before dinner drinks, or for cozy after dinner convo, I’ve got you covered! Each recipe serves 2, because you’ll DEFINITELY want a refill.

The Pomegranate Martinipomegranate martini

  • 3 oz. plain vodka of your choice
  • 5 oz. POM Wonderful (antioxidant alert!!)
  • 1 oz. triple sec
  • pomegranate seeds and orange rind for garnish

Combine in an ice filled shaker and strain into martini glass. Garnish with an orange rind curl on the side and loose pomegranate seeds in the bottom. They look like rubies!

The Caramel Apple Martini

  • 3 oz. apple flavored vodka
  • 1 oz. butterscotch liqueur
  • 4 oz. apple juice
  • caramel cube for garnish

Combine in an ice filled shaker and shake vigorously. Place an old fashioned cube of caramel at the bottom of each martini glass and strain your libation over it. Not only will it add flavor as it melts, but when the drink is done, there’s a treat!

The Pumpkin Pie Martini

  • 3 oz. vanilla flavored vodka
  • 3 oz. Godiva white chocolate liqueur
  • 4 oz. heavy cream
  • 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
  • whipped cream to garnish

Spread a healthy spoon of whipped topping around on a saucer and dip the rim of your serving glass into it, akin to how you might dip a margarita glass into sugar. Shake measured ingredients together over ice and strain into the glass. This one makes a great dessert drink, served in martini glass or with extra whipped cream as a decadent shot sized serving to sip. Ta-da! Talk about a no-bake recipe!

Haute Toddy

  • 4 oz. Maker’s Mark bourbon
  • 4 whole cloves
  • enough boiling water to fill the mugs
  • ground cinnamon to taste
  • 2 lemon wedges for garnish
  • 2 whole cinnamon sticks for garnish

Pour the bourbon into two stylish mugs or Irish coffee glasses. (Tip: I love the homey size of clear glass coffee mugs and they’re easier to find at big chain discount or dollar stores!) Add 2 cloves and a little ground cinnamon to each. Fill mugs the rest of the way with boiling water, adding a wedge of lemon and a stick of cinnamon to each as garnish. Perfect accompaniment to board games after dinner!

Fig Infused Vodkafresh figs

  • 4 whole fresh black figs
  • 1 750ml bottle of your favorite vodka, resealable

Wash, then cut your figs into quarters. Add them to the bottle of vodka, close, and keep it out of sunlight for about 5 days. Every day or so, agitate the bottle. Think swirls to spread the flavor around, rather than froth-inducing martini shaker style. At the end of the 5th day, strain out the solid fig bits…and you’ve got artisanal vodka! But be warned, you’ll have to start this one early if you want to sample it at Thanksgiving! The longer the infusion, the more flavor it will have. So, no Socialite, an overnight infusion won’t do. Plan ahead!

As with the recipe for anything, play around with these and make them your own. Maybe add a special touch that’s just yours. For example, try a green tea bag in your Haute Toddy. Add a Madagascar vanilla bean to your fig infused vodka batch. What about a raspberry flavored vodka in your pomegranate martini? Also, I’ve used brands that I favor through the years – use what YOU like! The sky’s the limit for fall flavor in your glass!

So, now that that’s solved…where’s your mother-in-law sitting? Need a cocktail, Socialite? ::smirk::

Till next time, cheers!


Contributor | Eva Said It
Eva is a mother, writer, entertaining doyenne, and snark expert based in New York City. Money can’t buy happiness, but it buys her lots of wine and stinky cheese…which is close enough. Catch more of her stiletto clad sarcasm at www.evasaidit.com.



Faux Terrarium

TheBudgetSocialite.comI love terrariums. I love the look of them and the idea of having a little island in a bottle seems so cool. Terrariums evoke a very earthy and organic feel when you look at them and that’s why I wanted one of my own.

TheBudgetSocialite.comI always have these lofty ideas of what I’m going to do until I begin to actually do it. Once the research started, the pricing realized and the time needed, laziness began to ensue and I decided I’m going to fake my terrarium for only pennies and minimal effort.

What you’ll need:
Glass bowl
Spanish Moss
River Rocks
Faux Succulents (mine is a candle!)

How you do it:
In the glass bowl, lay the rocks first, place the fake succulents around, add the Spanish moss on top.

TheBudgetSocialite.comEasy peezy! What do you think? Will you make your own?


10 Financial Savvy Moves

Being a Budget Socialite, I am always finding ingenious  ways to being fabulous without having to crack open my sample sale kate spade wallet. I have devised this top 10 list that can get you on your way to becoming the financially savvy socialista that I know you can be.

1. Set a short term financial goal. What financial goal(s) would you like to see within the next 5-10 years?

2. Set a long-term financial goal. Think about what age you would like to retire and how much you will need to live comfortably without having to worry about finances.

3. Train yourself to be financially independent. Create a budget and not rely on credit cards for purchases. If you must use a credit card, make sure that it is for a purchase that you can pay right off.

4. Buy a home. This is a great time to purchase a home with the housing market rates.

5. Fund or continue to fund 401(k) or IRA account.

6. Have at least 6 months worth of salary saved up for a crisis.

7. Pay off credit card debt if you have any. Start with the highest interest rate card 1st.

8. If you have children, now is the time to start saving for college. No age is too early.

9. If you have student loans and you are having a hard time making the monthly payments, call your loan holder to reevaluate your payment plan. If you call, they will work with you.

10. Think about starting a business. There are a numerous amounts of tax advantages for small businesses.

Let us know what you think or if you have your own ways to being more financially savvy.


Contributor | Charlene Bey
Charlene Bey is an Accountant and is the owner of Easy Flow Bookkeeping, LLC. Charlene eats, sleep and lives accounting and loves giving her opinion when it comes to being financial savvy.