Get thee a bra fitting!

BraFittingRecently, I had a life altering moment at the mall. I was killing time at the mall while I waited for my car’s oil change and decided to go to Victoria’s Secret. This Budget Socialite almost never goes into Victoria’s Secret because the bras, while beautiful, are pricey. Having realized that my bras hadn’t been fitting me right, I naturally assumed that the culprit was because they were from Marshall’s and had to be irregular or mislabeled.

The life altering Moment

I gingerly walk into the store, and the nice sales woman asks me if I needed any help. I told her I was looking for bras in 32C. She hands a bunch of the new (and expensive) bras in my size and like a fairy godmother, sends me off to the fitting room. While in the fitting room, there is a ‘Bra Expert’. She has her measuring tape in hand and asks me when was my last fitting and if I’d like to be fitted. I shrugged, said “sure” because I already know my bra size and she’s just going to confirm what I already know. She puts the tape around my torso and says “32”, then wraps it around my chest and says “D”….record scratch “Come again?” 32D??? Me? Petite me is a 32D? Well, this explains a whole lot. All this time I was blaming the poor discount department stores and my boobs grew, despite the fact that my weight hasn’t really changed.

After a scientific survey of my Facebook friends, it had been determined that quite a few women haven’t been to the bra store for a proper fitting, and the few who had gone were equally as floored over the news as I was over my own.

Let me be a cautionary tale to all of you out there. Do not go around with the “4 boob” syndrome. Get thee to a bra store and have a fitting.

When was the last time you had a bra fitting? Let us know in the comments.


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Scarlett creator of Wonder Curl is a Marketing Maven, DIY Diva & Glamour Girl! Her affinity for style, organization & discount designer shopping makes her a true Budget Socialite. Her flare for creativity allowed her to translate that into a career in marketing.

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Summer Sparkle: The Drink Station!

Happy June, Socialites!

It’s time for outdoor entertaining, barbecues, elegant picnics, and all around summertime fab! And what’s a key facet of any gathering? The cocktails, of course! But alcohol can be pricey when serving a crowd. Want to take your event to the next level without spending a fortune?

::trumpet blare::

Socialites, I give you, The Drink Station!

It’s a must for all my events! Select two to three signature punches or pre-made cocktails and set up a self-serve station. Not only does it keep the booze budget down, but it leaves my time free to socialize, rather than standing by the bar with a martini shaker in hand, as I try to keep up with thirsty revelers.

Here’s how to set up an amazing drink station, laden with refreshing cocktails that are sure to impress your guests while freeing up your time and budget!

Assemble the essentials:

1. You’ll need a table suitable to the space that you can cover with a tablecloth and trust to hold two to three bowls, pitchers, or servers full of liquid. No cheapie folding tables on this one! The last thing a busy socialite needs is a crashing drink station. Oy!

drink server2. Serveware: I love this glass drink server I found on clearance, off season, for all of $8. I use it year round for everything from fresh lemonade to Christmas punch! Hunt one down – you won’t regret it. Can’t score one? Pop into a home store, head to the chef’s section and find the biggest glass mixing bowl you can – use it as a basic punch bowl. Pick up a long handled soup ladle, et voilà!  I’m also fond of colorful glass pitchers, often found at dollar stores and discount chains for super cheap! Get a few for an eclectic display!

3. Label your servers, pitchers, and punches. Give them event-related names: Pickled Picnic Punch, Saucy BBQ Sparkler, 4th of July Firecracker, etc… Add a couple loose flowers, candles, or other theme-related accents to the table. Make it fun!


4. Glassware: Set out a tray of pre-garnished glasses your guests will usegarnished glasses to enjoy these libations. Tip: choose easy garnishes that will keep in your setting: sweet fruits may attract flies outside or shrivel and brown in indoor heat. I’m fond of gummy candies cut and hung on each glass, easy herbal garnishes like rosemary when they compliment, and muddled mint in the bottom of glasses.

5. Select varied recipes for your drinks. I like to serve one rum based cocktail, one vodka based cocktail, and one sparkling champagne based cocktail. Not everyone drinks everything, so plan according to your guestlist.

6. Choose your recipes wisely. Especially in summer, select refreshing and simple cocktails that you can make in batches without too much scaling headache. How many 2 oz shots of vodka are there in a pitcher? I haven’t a clue, darling, but do you really want to stand there with a jigger and find out? NO! A 750ml bottle of spirits starts my punch every time. Adjust and taste as you go.

7. Make everything in advance and put it in the refrigerator to get cold. You’ll see many recipes online that call for a block of ice in your server or punch bowl. NO NO NO! Know what ice becomes? Water. Who wants a watered down cocktail? Find space on the table for a covered ice bucket and tongs. If your guests want ice, they’ll add it.  If they want water, they’re at the wrong party they’ll find that elsewhere…

It’s that simple! Your guests will arrive to find a swanky, self-service drink station and you’ll have more time to enjoy yourself, having saved a few dollars in the process. Everyone wins!

Got some serve-a-crowd-cocktail ideas of your own? Leave a comment and share! I’m all ears for a fellow Budget Socialite. 😉

See you next month!


Contributor | Eva Said It
Eva is a mother, writer, entertaining doyenne, and snark expert based in New York City. Money can’t buy happiness, but it buys her lots of wine and stinky cheese…which is close enough. Catch more of her stiletto clad sarcasm at www.evasaidit.com.



Fashion Find: Summer Romper

SummerSummer, Summer, Summer Time! This weather makes for a great opportunity to shop for the perfect Summer Romper! Enter this amazing stand out piece of fashion history. This gorgeously floral Summer romper comes in at $50, but for a quality piece that no one else is going to own, she is definitely worth it!

Character Galore

The first thing I noticed about this Summer romper is the amount of character it has. And strangely enough I hear Elton John’s “Bennie and the Jets” playing in the back of my mind when I see it…but in a good way! That’s why we chose to pair it with a cute pair of nude color sunglasses from Asos as an ode to the song writing genius. Again, because the Summer romper has so much character, light accessories that are not over done is key, so a simple Navy sandal from UK based store, Pull and Bear and then topped with a  cute nude bag from one of my fave shops, Zara  completes the look. These uber chic earrings from Nordstrom , are a casual sophistication as well, which adds character in a subtle way, while providing a polished look along with this Anne Klein Watch.Summer1

A Summer romper can be worn so many different ways! Dressed up, dressed down, but it looks even better when you’re enjoying those summer nights. So Socialites, get out there and enjoy Summer! Until Next Time…Happy Findings!!!

How would you accessorize your Summer Romper? Let us know in the comments.


Contributor | Cadian Carter
As a lover of fashion, Blogger Cadian Carter got her first job working at indie fashion publication, V Magazine. Now she is a freelance writer helping women embrace their own personal style, one fashion find at a time.