Tina Turner on Vogue Cover

She’s simply the best and at 73, she is STILL the best as she graces to cover of Vogue Germany. This is the star’s first time being on any Vogue cover….which makes us wonder what took Vogue so long.

Tina Turner on Vogue


Shabby Chic Lighting Fixture DIY


The Good:  I found a great new apartment. The bad and the ugly: it had this giant spaceship looking lighting fixture in the dining room. I thought it would beam up my dinner! This was not going to work with my new Shabby Chic design, so I got to work on how to change the look without switching the fixture or spending too much. This is a rental, after all

1. What you will need:

  • acrylic crystals – found at Dollar Tree around Christmas (came 3 in set for $1)
  • mosquito netting or a gauzy fabric – found curtains Ikea (2 for $4.99)
  • 3 inch thick (or thicker) trim fabric – found at Joann’s for $3 per yard
  • hot glue gun
  • sewing machine or can sew by hand

2. What you will do:

  • Cut the fabric the diameter of your lighting fixture
  • Put two lengths of the trim together to sew and make thicker
  • Either hot glue or sew the acrylic crystals to one edge of the trim (on the inside)
  • Cut the mosquito netting/fabric/curtain) to size on your lighting fixture.
  • Sew a hem on one end, pull extra fabric through to gather at the top of the lighting fixture.
  • Drape the fabric and hot glue small sections to keep in place.
  • Hot glue the trim around your lighting fixture.

3. To decorate for the seasons, you can add faux butterflies to the netting for spring, leaves for fall or faux snowflakes for winter.