Glitter Shoes using Mod Podge

glitter shoes
I’m so excited for this DIY project! I wasn’t expecting it, but when I saw examples online, I knew my life just wouldn’t be complete until I tried it.

I picked up Martha Stewart glitter in hematite from Marshalls for only $1.49 and bought Mod Podge in glossy. I had never used Mod Podge before, but after reading about all the great things you can do with it, I now want to Mod Podge EVERYTHING!!!

The project…GLITTER SHOES!

shoes2These are a pair of my favorite shoes because the heels were this great silver. Much to my dismay, the heel got ruined. I have no idea how it happened, but the streets of NYC are brutal on shoes. I didn’t want to get rid of them, so they have been living in my closet unused for over a year. I knew this project was going to be perfect for my heels.

What you need:shoes3
1. Fine glitter
2. Mod Podge Glossy
3. Synthetic brush
4. Plastic bowl
5. Sandpaper or nail file
6. Optional – masking or painters tape




In a bowl, mix a little Mod Podge with the glitter. I got a huge glob out when I first poured, but you want the consistency to be like cottage cheese. You can use tape to protect the part of the shoes you don’t want glitter on. I like to live dangerously, so I went freehand.
Note: If you’re working with patent leather or a smooth surface, you should rub sandpaper first to give your glue better sticking power.

shoes5Brush the mixture directly to your shoes. You may need to a few coats to get the desired result. Let dry. You can also paint the glue over to further protect the glitter. shoes6

Boom, done!

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DIY Photobooth

DIY Photobooth

Let’s face it, photo booths are fun and you want one for your next party.1 You could rent one, but that might set you back a grand. Yep, A GRAND! And that’s on the cheap side. This would put a huge dent in anyone’s booze budget whose last name isn’t Kardashian. NO ONE wants that.

1- This claim is purely based on conjecture. But you if don’t agree, I’m going to assume you don’t like puppies and the sound of baby laughter because c’mon… having a photo booth at a party is hella fun!

You can make your own DIY photobooth for about $21-$51 depending on whether or not you already own a tripod. The bonus of buying a tripod is that you no longer have to take selfies in the bathroom mirror you can use it again.

Goods needed for your DIY Photobooth

  • Photos from my DIY photoboothAn iPad or iPhone
  • Photobooth app – Incredibooth
  • A tripod
  • A tripod mount for your iPad or iPhone
  • A stool or chair – not a must but it’s nice to give your guests some place to sit

The directions are as easy as you can get. You attach the mount to your device as per the mount’s instructions and screw the mount on to the tripod. That’s it. You’re done. Easiest. DIY. Ever.

Props, Optional but Awesome

Take your DIY photobooth to the next level by providing props. This is the perfect time to bust out accessories that you have from old Halloween costumes. You can also purchase a prop kit like this one or you can get creative with things you might already own like:

  • Hats
  • Boas
  • Masks
  • Sunglasses

Wait, I still have questions

I have a droid, can I still use the incredibooth app? Nope, but you can use this.

What about a tripod mount for my droid? Man, listen. Droids have way too many models for me to answer this question so just click here.

I have a blackberry, can I still use the incredibooth app?  I’m sorry, RIM is anti-fun. No DIY photobooth for you.

Which tripod should I get? I don’t like recommending things that I haven’t actually tried. The tripod I own is a manfrotto, which is probably more tripod than you need unless you are into photography. Amazon has a lot of great tripods. You can go for the cheapest option if you are using it with your phone, but get something a bit sturdier if you are using it with an iPad. You should be able to get a decent one for around $25. Be sure to read the reviews before you buy. Amazon reviewers know what’s up.

UPDATE: Hey party people! Since a few of you have asked about printing the photos, I figured I’d answer here and not just in the comments. You can use any wireless printer and print from your iphone or ipad. OR you could get a photo printer like the Vupoint that connects directly to your iphone or ipad.

So, there you have it. The world’s easiest DIY. We’d love to see your photobooth pics. Hit us up on twitter or facebook  with them. We can’t wait to check’em out!


Co-founder | Trinidad Pena
Trinidad Pena is a blogger, foodie, and design superhero bent on helping others kick-ass online, world domination and convincing the world that wine belongs in the fruit food group since it’s made from grapes.


8 Great Drugstore Beauty Buys

8 Great Drugstore Beauty Buys

We Budget Socialites know that looking great doesn’t have to come at a high price. Your local drugstore can be a haven for budget-friendly beauty products. Some work just as well as your favorite high-end products, but can be as much half the price, maybe more. These are my favorites drugstore beauty buys.

1.  Advantage Acne Spot Treatment – Clean & Clear
Price: $6.99. Clean & Clear says that 100% of people in a study showed improvements as early as day 1. While it didn’t work for me as fast as that, I can vouch for a pretty consistent 48 hour turn-around.

2. Full ‘N Soft Mascara – Maybelline
Price: $5.99. This is my go-to day mascara. I’ve tried many, more expensive mascaras and Full ‘N Soft can’t be beat. It gives your eyes great fringe, looks natural and doesn’t clump.

3. Daily Facial Cleanser – Cetaphil
Price: $8.80. Dermatologist recommended and they aren’t lying! I went for my yearly check up and asked about cleansers. Guess what she recommended, yup that’s right!

4. Chafing Gel as Make-Up Primer –  Monistat
Price: $8.99. I learned this trick on the wedding bee. This chafing gel, uses the same exact formula as Smashbox Photofinish Primer. I know it sounds nuts, but I did a side by side comparison and they look and feel the same. It’s a miracle and you get a big tube for like 1/15th of the price. Yes!

5. Mud Pack Masque – Queen Helene
Price: $3.99. An oldie but a goodie! Put this on your face, straight out of the shower (when your pores are open) and it will do stellar job of getting all the junk out of your pores.

6.  Shiny-licious Lip Gloss – Maybelline
Price: $6. Another great Maybelline product! This gloss has the benefit of being super shiny, long lasting and it’s not too sticky. Anyone who has gotten their hair stuck in their gloss, on a windy day can attest to the fact that not too sticky is a great thing in a lip gloss.

7. Rice Paper Blotting Tissues – Palladio
Price: $3.66. If you have an oily t-zone, these are a must! It’s an easy way to get rid of the shine without ruining your make up. No longer a drug-store buy because it was discontinued, I order 10 at a time on Amazon.com. Clean & Clear also makes Oil Absorbing Sheets. They are 2 bucks more and I don’t like them as much, but I will use them if Amazon ever stops selling the Palladio ones.

8.  Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion & Peel System
Price: $22. This is the priciest thing on this list but it is well worth it. Exfoliation is key to having great skin. Kiss your dead skin cells good-bye with this product. I noticed a difference right away as soon as I started using this kit.

What did you think of our drugstore beauty buys? Did your favorite make the list? What what products can’t you live without?


Co-founder | Trinidad Pena
Trinidad Pena is a blogger, foodie, and design superhero bent on helping others kick-ass online, world domination and convincing the world that wine belongs in the fruit food group since it’s made from grapes.