Top 10 Beauty Products Under 10 Bucks – Summer Edition

Top 10 Beauty Products Under 10 Bucks - Summer Edition | www.thebudgetsocialite

Summer is around the corner – temps will rise, heat will swelter, sweat will pour. I’ve rounded out a list of my top 10 beauty picks for the warmer months and they’re all under $10!

{Working clockwise}

Tame that Mane – It’s unavoidable, hair frizzes in the heat. As moisture rises, it’s oh-so necessary to tame your tresses. These are my budget-friendly picks to help you out.

Les Corps – Keep your skin radiant, bronzed, and tight with my favorite body scrub and gradual glow. Note, I’ve confirmed that Jergens HAS changed their formula to leave you smelling less like a bag of  tortilla chips.

Kissable – My go-to summer pout has to be hydrating, lightweight and completely kissable.

Mani – Summer manicures involve lots of colors and change frequently, so when in doubt I like to keep it fresh and nude. The key to an at-home nude mani is perfect cuticles!

Ladylike Lashes – Let’s face it – I love a good lash. While I hate piling on mascara in the summer months, I opt for a full and flirty pair of lashes with a flexible and invisible band if I’m looking for that extra va-voom. For days spent out in the sun, simply toss on a light coat of mascara, nothing fancy pants.

Cheeky Pop – Summer = cream blush. Enough said.

So, what penny pinching drugstore products do you swear by? What are your 10 beauty products under 10? Let us know in the comments.


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      That smell is the worst. I’m glad they changed it.

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